About Us

Beautiful Homeware Pieces to Create Stylish & Warm Interiors

It´s really simple. We love beautiful & inspiring homes. And whilst a big part of it comes from the actual building and architecture, a huge part comes from the love and care that we put into selecting the pieces that will be inside our homes and how we combine the colours and fabrics to create beautiful and inviting living spaces where we can feel truly at home and happy in our environment.

Coming from a long career in the Fashion industry, our appreciation and sensibility for aesthetics has always been there. Having a big family, we love spending time at home organising dinners, games and other activities. And we absolutely love the cozy feeling of being inside a beautiful home that has been lovingly styled.

The Dashing Farmhouse is definitely inspired by the cozy, lovely and rustic interiors of British Farmhouses. However it also brings more stylish elements to create that dashing and modern feeling. It is about finding that perfect balance of old and new, rustic and sparkly combined together to create something unique. We truly love mixing rustic woods and bronze vases with luxurious fabrics. This is why you will find gorgeous coffee tables made of apple crates next to sumptuous velvet ottomans.

The best part is you don´t really need to live out in the country to enjoy a beautiful farmhouse inspired style.

We will also be giving you great style ideas from some of our favourite houses to give you that little extra bit of inspiration.

Styling your home should be a continuous and wonderfully enjoyable experience and we are always here if you need advice on how to best combine different pieces or how to create specific moods for your living areas.

Supporting Designers & Small Businesses

We are extremely passionate about supporting designers and small businesses so we are constantly searching for wonderful talent to bring that unique and special touch to our Homeware Collections. Especially in these times, it is more important than ever to us to support small businesses and talented designers. We also feel passionate about acquiring special pieces for our customers´ homes. After the fast-fashion times, many of us are now evolving towards a more meaningful way of shopping where we care about the origin of what we buy and where we would rather have a more selective rather than mass-market approach with pieces that we will cherish for a long time.

We truly hope that you enjoy spending time at The Dashing Farmhouse!

Nathan & Patricia