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Slow. Relaxed. Mediterranean Living. 

Casa Deia is a unique & exclusive Artisanal Collection from Mallorca which includes everything from authentic Ikat cushions to Mediterranean Ikat dinnerware & tableware.

Given the fact that one half of The Dashing Farmhouse was born and raised in Mallorca, having an Artisanal Homeware Collection from the island was a must. Mallorca is home to some of the most wonderful artisanal products created by fabulous family businesses that have been using traditional crafting methods passed on from generations. Mallorca´s understated glamour and raw Mediterranean nature has always had a fascinating appeal. In more recent years, a number of highly prestigious international fashion designers & artists have started to highlight the wonderful artisanal craftmanship that can be found in the island. One can now spot certain products in some selected beautiful boutique hotels around the world. However, what we like the most, is that it still remains a bit of a hidden jewel. We are extremely proud to be able to bring this gorgeous artisanal collection of beautifully handcrafted products, many of which have extremely elaborate creation processes. We invite you to appreciate the beauty of a collection of products that have been made with passion, tradition and dedication. 

Note 1: We are very happy to be able to offer our customers a flat delivery rate of £8 for the delivery of all Casa Deia products, irrespective of the volume of the order. This includes ceramics and other items within Casa Deia Collection. 

Note 2: We offer a free personal styling session with all future purchases of over £100. Please email us on to find out more.