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Slow. Relaxed. Mediterranean Living.

We work with Mallorcan artisans that have been working with ceramic and stoneware for five generations. It all started in 1861 in a modest wooden shed where the workshop started. Their current premises are much bigger however they still keep that first shed which is still in use, as a sign of respect for their ancestors and the experience and knowledge that has been imparted from past generations. Today we are extremely proud to work with the best artisans in the island who have managed to develop this wonderful craft using the typical Mallorcan Ikat design amongst others and transform it into incredibly valued and sought after pieces internationally.

Note: We are very happy to be able to offer our customers a flat delivery rate of £8 for the delivery of all Casa Deia products, irrespective of the volume of the order. This includes ceramics and other items within Casa Deia Collection.