White & Blue Home Decor

White & Blue Home Decor Inspiration

Patricia LopezAugust 12, 2021

Dream in White & Blue

The combination of White & Blue is one that most definitely brings a smile to our faces making us dream of blue skies and fresh white cotton sheets. White & Blue combinations add a touch of freshness wherever they may be. During the warmer months, we love this contrast to be a predominant feature across rooms. During the winter months a splash of white & blue here and there never fails to add some much needed spark to our homes.

Small Sea Shell White Stoneware VaseWe always talk about the beauty of combining colours and materials. In order to create a Mediterranean vibe, we love natural materials such as stoneware, wood, linen and cotton. When creating a specific look, we need to bear in mind all our senses, not only the visual, but we also need to think about how those items will feel to the touch. The rustic cold feel of a stoneware vase coupled with a beautifully soft and crisp linen cushion recreates a lovely feeling of natural raw luxury.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Lavender Blue Linen Tablecloth When creating ambiences, we must not forget the sense of smell! Adding a refreshing clean scent with subtle notes of powder and musk will blend in to perfection when creating a fresh summery feel. Try to think of what the items and setting evoke in your memory and what smells you would associate that memory with in order to recreate it. When all of these elements blend well together, you will create a feeling of wellbeing in the room that will leave everyone guessing what is it exactly that is making them connect so much to the room.                                                                                                                                                                                           
Mediterranean Blue JugAnother way to create a beautiful flow with your new ambience is by adding either fresh or artificial flowers. We love the rustic & crisp touch that lavender brings with its lovely deep purple and white blooms. A bouquet of large white Chrysanthemum also adds an element of wild & raw beauty with the stunning movement of its leaves. It is the small finishing touches that will complete the ambience that we are looking to recreate so let´s play around with different scents and blooms until we get the perfect flow. We can´t think of a better feeling than the one you get once all the elements in the room flow to perfection!