New Home Artisanal Trends that Designers are going crazy for

Patricia LopezAugust 30, 2021

Artisanal Products Taking Homeware By Storm

Ikat Cushions. The Trend charming the world.

Olive Green Artisanal Ikat Linen Cushions

Since Matthew Williamson moved to the beautiful village of Deià in Mallorca and fell in love with traditional artisanal Ikat fabrics, the Ikat trend has become the new best-kept secret for those who follow new Fashion Design & Home Trends. He initially designed a fashion collection inspired by Deià and went on to create his own homeware collection where you can find Ikat fabrics with their lovely texture & bright colours. These stunning fabrics are the end result of a wonderful & elaborate creation process which is mastered by a few artisanal families who have passed on this craft for generations. Owning these items makes one cherish them even more due to the attention to detail and passion for the island´s traditions that lies behind each of them.

Olive Ikat Artisanal Linen Cushions

Olive Green Artisanal Ikat Linen Table Runner

Some design trends take over the homeware industry with such force that we end up with extremely similar homeware styles. Regardless of how appealing some of these trends or styles are, some of us are left with the desire to make our homes a bit more unique with items that are not found in every Social Media Blog out there! Items created with Ikat fabrics bring that element of uniqueness to our homes. The quality of the fabrics (70% cotton 30% linen) and the exquisite patterns are the reason some of the most exclusive design-led boutique hotels around the world have started to showcase these beautiful & unique products.

Olive Ikat Linen Table Runner

Blue Ikat Linen Cushion

A very inexpensive and impactful way of transforming a living space is by adding beautiful & unique cushions (the more the better!). Then, reintroducing the same fabric and/or colour in the form of table runners, table mats, curtains or lamp shades. We absolutely love the combination of either the Mondrago Olive Ikat Cushion or the Aucanada Olive Ikat Cushion with the Plain Olive Ikat Cushion. Adding at the Mondrago Olive Table Runner to the dining table creates a beautiful & unique flow that you are not likely to find elsewhere. The Sky Blue Collection is another absolute favourite!                                                                                                                                                                       

Blue Ikat Linen Table MatThe Es Trenc Blau Cushion and the Son Serra Blau Cushion pair beautifully with the Plain Blue Ikat Cushion. The Es Trenc Table Mats are also a fantastic contrast to most surfaces, whether it is wood or colder materials such as marble. A really interesting thing to bear in mind is that you are also able to order almost any item you can imagine with the Ikat fabric of your choice - whether it is bespoke curtains, blinds, chair covers or lamp shades to name a few. You only need to email with your requirements. The beauty of Ikat is that it looks wonderful during Summer but it is also a beautiful way to brighten up the Winter months.                                                     
Blue Ikat Artisanal Pasta PlateHand-painted Ikat Tableware is another fantastic trend that is bringing us some much needed Homeware Happiness. My personal favourite is the Blue Collection although you are also able to find these designs in Red and Turquoise. The Large Ikat Pasta Plates are an absolute dream for anyone who appreciates the beauty of design and they are even more exquisite in real life. You have the whole Tableware Set with Dining Plates, Dessert Plates, Mugs and Jugs.                                              
Large Ikat Pasta Plate                                                                                                                       
Tall Ikat Ceramic Jug in BlueThe Tall Ikat Jug is another wonderful statement piece that can transform a space instantly. The simplicity of its shape contrasts beautifully with the intricate design and gorgeous Mediterranean Blue and can be used for serving your favourite drinks as well as to house freshly picked blooms. As with the rest of the items in the Ikat Collection, this lovely jug is also available in Red and Turquoise.
One thing is for sure - Ikat pieces are stunning artisanal works of art to be used in everyday life that will become the centre of attention in your home. It´s no wonder that designers are going crazy for these beautiful statement pieces. They also represent a move away from the Fast Fashion craze that has dominated the world in detriment to the environment in these last decades and a move towards Slow Design - gorgeous pieces to be admired and cherished for a long time. All of this, whilst knowing that we are consciously supporting smaller artisanal businesses that have a true passion for creating and bringing beauty to us.