Artificial Flower Arrangements and Spring Blooms

Flower Arrangements vs Spring Blooms - The Art of Creating Beauty

Patricia LopezApril 12, 2021

Simple & Inspiring Ways To Create Beauty In Your Living Areas

The incredible power that flowers and plants have to create beauty is undeniable. And it is one of the most simple ways to revamp rooms and create a little magic without having to spend lots of money. We clearly love fresh flowers however, we also like having something to admire and enjoy as a permanent decorative fixture to enhance our living areas.

Now, the eternal dilemma - should we go for a gorgeous flower arrangement or should we go for the rustic & simple beauty of a spring bloom or branches? Being the flower lovers that we are, we obviously go for both!

Artificial Flower Arrangement

We love that special feeling of creating a gorgeous and lush flower arrangement and seeing how it transforms and adds colour, depth and warmth to a room.

 However some lovely olive branches or spring blooms also add that beautiful rustic, clean and countryside feel of raw, unmanicured nature.

 Flower arrangements look gorgeous on tables, kitchen islands and entrances. Whilst we cannot get enough of more

Faux Yellow Flowers

simple rustic blooms like olive branches or eucalyptus near windows, in bathrooms and near a kitchen sink especially if there is natural light flowing in. It brings that lovely warm feeling of being in the countryside in the South of France or Greece.  Mixing a few flower arrangements in prominent spots of the house with more subtle and delicate blooms in specific corners creates a lovely flow and slightly different atmospheres. So our advice is, play around with the layout of your home to see where each type of bouquet works     best and enjoy the creative process!

Artificial Eucalyptus Stems

When creating a flower arrangement, it can be difficult to visualise how different flowers and foliage will look together. This is why we have created a few different flower arrangements to help our customers visualise the final outcome (watch this space as we will be creating more over the next months!). Each bouquet comes with all the different flowers and stems separately so that you can enjoy the art of arranging them and designing your own beautiful creation.

Most important of all, make sure you have lots of fun with the process and don´t

Artificial Yellow Flowers

forget to share your pictures with us on Social Media!